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New Series- Mourning His Life (Dawn)

Hello friends,

It’s that time of the year again- those of us who are students are under the weight of finals, trying to resurrect or maintain our GPAs. Don’t worry, even if your GPA has been dead and buried for four days (or four semesters), Jesus raised Lazarus so you have nothing to fear.

Just like last year, I took another creative writing class this semester and I wrote a short story that I’m very happy to share.

My Best Friend

My Mummy is my best friend. I see her face first thing every morning and the last thing before I go to bed every night. I like doing everything with my Mummy. I also like to make her very happy. She tells me stories while she gives me a bath before school in the mornings. Every evening, I go to her stall after school so that I can do my homework. I do my homework before night time because sometimes there is no light. And when there is light, I like to watch Barney and Friends or Super Story on TV. When I’ve done my homework, Mummy allows me to change into my home clothes and play football with my friends on the small field behind our house.

At her stall, Mummy sells white rice, jollof rice, beans, stew, chicken, goat meat and many other things I don’t remember because I don’t really like to eat them. I like Mummy because she lets me eat from her plate in the evenings and she never forces me to eat anything I don’t like. But I don’t like staying on the construction site for too long because there’s always too much noise and the men always send me to buy things for them even when Mummy tells them not to send me.

Last night, Mummy told me that I would be spending some time with Mama in Kaduna. I think it is because of what happened last night when Aunty Laraba came to visit us. I don’t want to leave my Mummy because I saw her crying that night. Mama is old so she cannot play with me like Mummy does. Even now that Mummy’s tummy is too big for her to play hide and seek with me, she still tells me stories every night before I sleep. But Mama cannot read and she sleeps early so I just have to sleep too.

Also, Mama does not let me play with my friends like Mummy does, and she forces me to eat food that I don’t like. She tells me “food is food” and that I’m a spoilt brat if I refuse to eat. I don’t understand how a human being can be spoilt, am I a plate of food? Last time she came to visit us in Lagos, anytime Mummy asked her to watch me while Mummy went to the market, Mama did not even let me out the front door and she kept reminding me that she is not my Mummy so she has to be carefree. What is carefree? She said she cannot be care full, she can only be care free. Or was it she cannot be care free and she can only be care full? I don’t know. I just don’t like Mama very much.

I’m leaving tomorrow morning and Daddy will drive me to the park in Mile 2. From there, Mr Sunday will take me in his car and drive me all the way to Mama’s house in Kaduna. Mr Sunday is Daddy’s best friend but I don’t like him because he smokes and Mummy said that smoking is bad. Why can’t she just tell Mr Sunday to stop smoking? She always tells me what to do, so why can’t she also tell Mr Sunday? Maybe because he’s tall and she cannot pull his ears when he disobeys. I don’t want to forget anything that happens when I visit Mama in Kaduna. I want to remember everything so that I will have many stories to tell Mummy when I get back home. That’s why I’m telling you. So you can remind me, okay?

I hope Mummy’s tummy doesn’t burst like my old football did when I took it to Aboki the tyre man. Aboki kept pumping air into my ball until I heard a loud pop and my ball became flat. I cried and cried and cried until Daddy came home and bought me another one. I don’t want my Mummy’s tummy to burst like that because then she will become flat like my ball. And I don’t want Daddy to buy me another Mummy because this one is my best friend and I don’t want another best friend because another best friend will steal me from my first best friend like Aunty Laraba steals Mummy away from me whenever she comes to visit.

It was already dark when Aunty Laraba came last night, so went to visit Mummy at the stall. Daddy was watching a football match on the TV, and whenever anyone made a mistake, he would stand up like he wanted to beat them. Mummy told me that people inside the TV don’t hear us, so why was Daddy shouting? I did not understand and I was afraid that he would beat me, since he could not reach the men inside the TV. Also, I did not like the way the drinks in the sitting room were smelling. They reminded me of Mummy’s stall in the evening when all those men took many drinks and started singing to trees and peeing by the roadside.

Aunty Laraba came back very quickly from her visit to Mummy’ stall. She said that Mummy was still too busy to attend to her. Why did she say attend to her? Isn’t it only doctors that attend to people? When Mummy and I went to the hospital last time, the nurse said “the doctor will now attend to you”, and Mummy stood up, tied her wrapper around her big tummy and we went into the doctor’s office. I did not like like the smell of the hospital so I did not open my mouth so that the hospital smell wouldn’t get into my mouth.

When I got home, I forgot to ask Mummy the meaning of attend until Aunty Laraba said it that day, so I wanted to ask Daddy what it meant before I forgot again. I left the dining corner where I was playing to meet Daddy in the sitting room but he was not there. I tried to find Aunty Laraba but she was not there too. I went to the kitchen to look for them but they were not there.

I really wanted to pee and but I could not go to the toilet in my room to pee because  Mummy told me that it was broken and we were waiting for the electrician to fix it. The light bulb also was dead so I even was more afraid of going there. I went to Mummy and Daddy’s room to pee but the door was closed. Daddy and Mummy never close their room door so I pushed the door and walked in.

I saw Daddy and Aunty Laraba dancing on the bed. Daddy’s leg was around Aunty Laraba and his mouth was on her chest. I did not know why Aunty Laraba was feeding Daddy like Iya Iyabo feeds her little baby but Mummy and Daddy’s bed was shaking so I did not want to disturb them. I ran and I peed by the big tree behind the house because I was about to pee on myself and Mummy always pulled my ears when I did that….


To be continued next week.I really hope you enjoyed this first part. It was a little breaking the story because it’s long and more coherent that way, but it’s a little too lengthy for one blog post.

Have a fabulous weekend friends, and may the Lord bless and keep us all!

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  1. Kwadwo-Triumph says

    Interesting and lovely piece☺Loved and enjoyed every bit of this slice.


  2. Anonymous says

    Wow. U really captured the simplicity of a Child’s mind. You get an Aplus for that,lol.

    On a more serious note though, I think we all can learn from d little ones.

    Well done x


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