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Resolve to Pass the Test

Are you in the valley? Are you going through a tough time? Here is a little something to encourage you!

…and who do you think you are?

Once upon a time, something happened. And I got upset. I got upset because I felt like I tried so hard and do all I could to serve God and to do His will (although I often fail terribly). So why, I thought, did all that happen to me? Why didn’t He warn me earlier, why did He watch me fall into the trap again? It was the same story of someone doing something, or I doing something, falling short, then feeling bad, getting upset, and finally asking “Oh Lord, why didn’t you warn me ahead of time? Why did you not also prevent me from this? Why do you not help me?” But that day, just as I was about to launch a big, annoying rant about how God is good to other people and bla bla bla, something in my heart told me to shut my mouth. A little detour. I find it very difficult sharing the struggles I face in my spiritual life, as I often fail in extremely embarrassing and shameful ways. But it always occurs to me that my mistake could be …

When Jesus Says No

This is the final trio of quoting Pastor Adeboye. My offer still stands, in fact, it is now a plea. Send me your email address, and I will pay for you to receive Open Heavens devotional in your inbox daily.  Today’s quote is about God saying “no” to our requests. There are some requests I have made in my life that God has said “no” to. He says no in order to discipline us, teach us to look to Him for sustenance, or to teach us patience. I pray that as we continue to walk with the Lord, He will help us to discern His voice especially in the dark times, and give us patience to wait for His time. Here is Pastor Adeboye’s quote: There are times God will say “No” to a beautiful request. When this happens, the one asking feels disappointed. But to the One who has all power, there are greater things compared to what is being asked for. In spite of all the prayer efforts you have invested in certain requests, God can …

The man who did not Die

Hello friends, Have any of you heard about the man Enoch? He is the man who did not die. There are other people in the Bible who did not die such as Elijah (my personal best friend) that was carried to glory in a fiery chariot. Yesterday in my Open Heavens devotional by Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, I read an interesting analogy about Enoch which I think is worth sharing. Again, if you send me your email address, I will pay for you to receive Open Heavens in your inbox daily.  …whenever God visited Enoch and He was about to leave, Enoch will escort God, and when it was time for Enoch to return home, God would do the same. Eventually, one day, after several repetitions of this exercise, Enoch escorted God so close to Heaven that God told him to walk with Him into Heaven. As childish as this may sound, there are lots of lessons and revelations in what this boy said. The desire to maintain intimate friendship …

Speaking Volumes to my Soul

Hello everyone, It’s been a while, sorry. I am that friend who promises to call/ text back and plans to, but just never gets around to it. Sigh. That should really be a Lenten goal at some point. Have you read my February Recap yet? Please do! Today, I want to share two songs that are currently speaking volumes to my soul. They are great for calming the nerves, and for when we need to remind ourselves that Our Father has promised to take care of us. The first song is called Praise You in this Storm. This song is reminiscent of the last days at ALevels when I was awaiting college decisions and life was filled with uncertainty about my future, and the grief of leaving a school I loved so much. But today, I’m more than grateful to God for the opportunity to be in Mount Holyoke College. This leads me to the second song- Already There. It reminds me that no matter what, God knows where He has planned for me to be, …

HEALING (January Recap)

First of all, thank you very much for the love and positive feedback on my last post about my sister. Please keep sharing your thoughts with me, as I really appreciate thoughtful, constructive feedback about relevant topics I should write about, and just general thoughts. Today, I want to share a few lessons I learnt in January. I intend to do this at the end of every month to ensure that we have enough material for thorough reflection come December 2015, and determine how to improve in 2016. We’re still creating that Dream Woman, remember! Healing- ‘To Make Whole’ I’d like to use an analogy. Imagine that you have a jug that is filled with water. But you want to fill your jug with orange juice. Try as you may, you cannot fill that jug with orange juice unless you empty the water. This, dear friends, is what the Lord has been teaching me for a few weeks now. Please pardon me if you find this post slightly vague, the point is not to share my …

6 Lessons from my 6 Year Old Sister

‘Do you know the one thing I admire most about you?’, he asked. He had the expression of someone about to spill a succulent secret. ‘You’re very childlike. Don’t ever lose that’. That was the one of the best compliment I ever got in recent times (Not like I’m ancient or anything). I would love to share why with you. It also has everything to do with the fact that I have the sassiest, most confident, and smartest 6 year old sister ever! Here are a few lessons I have learned from children, and especially from my sister:

…and he encouraged himself in the Lord his God

The snow days always filled him with awe. He never understood how white flakes fell from the sky so quietly and so peacefully. Growing up in Port-Harcourt, it was always a slight variation of the same breeze that caressed your face- thick with humidity in the rainy season, dry and aggressive in the harmattan. But here in America, one needed two entirely different wardrobes for summer and winter. But today was not the day to think of Port-Harcourt and become homesick. It was a day to admire the snow and the maker of the snow! His love for the Maker of the Snow was long coming as he had grown up in a Christian household, although he was not quite sure when the Holy Ghost fire caught his mother, and she began to spend night after night in vigil.