Year: 2016

We keep it moving

We keep it moving

Because we finally love where we are

We finally are learning to yield to God

Finally doing the things we love. Doing them because we are fulfilled despite the rigor. We know that we are exactly where we are meant to be. And our hard work is an offering to God for His undeserved goodness

Lead me to the rock

We try so hard to be strong and to hold it all together. That’s not true strength. True strength in God comes from knowing exactly how we feel- who and where we are, our strengths, our weaknesses- and offering up everything we have to God. He knows us better than we know yourselves and the sooner we stop hiding and trying to cover everything up, the sooner we’re going to receive the help we need.

What is your motivation?

We only have really one job to do- love the Lord with all our hearts and with all our might. If we do it well, we’ll have access to everything we need in this life. Let’s not go about desiring the power that comes from God, but we should always seek God Himself, because when we find Him, we find His power and so, so, much more!

One for my Lulu

Story time, please grab your popcorn. If I delay this one I may never write it so why not do it now if I can? Eight years ago my little sister was born, and she’s changed my and my family’s life. She’s the most joyous, most sassy, and most intelligent 8 year old child I know. I remember when I came home and saw my mother’s protruding belly. I was confused. Ah, mummy you hadn’t told me you were pregnant. How can you be pregnant at 40? I had read all the statistics and I knew the dangers of having a child that old. But Lucia is a fighter and my mother’s faith is one for the books. Lucia has spent 8 years on God’s earth and I’m so grateful for her life! She’s my sunshine and I love her deeply and dearly. She sings for me on the phone, sometimes she cuts the call even before I finish speaking, she barks orders at me, and what not. Her stories always cheer me up, her …

You are loved

God is good. He’s given me exceedingly, abundantly, above all that I ever could ask or imagine and I refuse to live in the dangerous anticipation of tomorrow that makes today bland and dreary.

I’ve decided to praise Him.

Will you join me?