Month: January 2015

…and he encouraged himself in the Lord his God

The snow days always filled him with awe. He never understood how white flakes fell from the sky so quietly and so peacefully. Growing up in Port-Harcourt, it was always a slight variation of the same breeze that caressed your face- thick with humidity in the rainy season, dry and aggressive in the harmattan. But here in America, one needed two entirely different wardrobes for summer and winter. But today was not the day to think of Port-Harcourt and become homesick. It was a day to admire the snow and the maker of the snow! His love for the Maker of the Snow was long coming as he had grown up in a Christian household, although he was not quite sure when the Holy Ghost fire caught his mother, and she began to spend night after night in vigil.

A lifelong Friendship of Love and Loyalty

Babe, I understand that this is a difficult time for us. School is getting more stressful, we’re trying to beat that incline on the treadmill, and we’re lifting more weights by the day. On top of that, I don’t always feed you as I should. I don’t always get as much sleep as I should. I don’t even do all the little things I should do, like give you a thorough wash as often as I should- I dash into the shower, and just when you’re soaking up the warmth and finally relaxing, I have to rush out. We’re surviving though, because you tell me in very gentle ways how to care for you. We probably would be in a much worse situation if not for your unrelenting signals.

Sit by me, hold my hand, and tell me it’s going to be Okay…

2:39am ‘Lord Jesus, sit by me, hold my hand, and tell me it’s going to be okay.’ She clears a section of her bed, invites Him to take a seat, and repeats the words: ‘Lord Jesus, sit by me, hold my hand, and tell me it’s going to be okay’. Mummy always says whenever something bothers you, take a chair, place it across from you, and invite the Lord to take a seat. Have a conversation with Him, and talk as though to your friend. Then wait for Him to respond. Listen to your heart, for He speaks in the still small voice. He will direct you, He will never forsake you, He will always answer you.

Three of the Ways I Am Creating My Dream Woman

Something changed within me when I turned 20. It was the dawning of a new decade- one that may very well witness several milestones in my life- graduation from college, my first full time job, marriage, and children. I thought long and hard about the woman I want to be ten years from now, and suffice to so say that I came up with a pretty impressive list (by my own standards)


I welcome you to this journey of everything bright and beautiful! I am taking up this challenge as part of keeping a promise I made to the Lord when I was believing Him for a laptop. Somewhere in my desperate prayers, I promised that if He gave me a laptop, I would, to the best of my abilities, use the laptop to spread the gospel. This is me fulfilling my promise to the ever Faithful God. I pray you find peace, comfort, and inspiration. God Bless you!