What are you thinking? (June Update)

A few days ago, while walking to evening mass, I had a realization. I realized that sometime in the past year, I prayed to God passively for the opportunity to attend daily mass as I often did in Loyola (my secondary school). I resumed school in Loyola three weeks to my eleventh birthday, and for some reason, I started attending daily mass, and I never stopped. No matter what the assignment, I still went for mass. I am sure I probably looked silly, because I did not do really well in school back then. One would think I would spend all my time studying since I wasn’t excelling in school. But alas, God has other plans and every evening, He dragged me to the Chapel, and I gleefully obliged. Even when our school schedule changed and we had morning mass rather than evening mass, I still found my way to the chapel, consistently.

I graduated from Loyola after six years of attending daily mass and began ALevels in South Africa. You can imagine my horror when I resumed school at my new school, and I was only able to attend Sunday mass once a week. I dreamed and longed for my 30-45 minutes in the presence of God at mass. But God had other plans, still. That was when I fell in love with the word of God through my bible. I started reading my bible seriously when in JS3, Comfort Samuel was in my dorm. Comfort read her bible every day, and she enjoyed it. This girl knew so much about the word of God, that I was so jealous to know more, and to grow in my knowledge of God, that I also bought a bible and started to read. I would pray, open a random page, and read as much as I could. Thankfully, in ALA, I made friends who made me fall in love with God in a way I never had prior to meeting them. And I also started reading my bible more seriously.

Sometime ago, I prayed for God to lead me to an internship where I would have a catholic church close by, so that I would attend mass at least more than once a week. Hence, the highlight of my month was that God heard that passive prayer request. I have the opportunity to attend mass every evening at the very beautiful St Matthew’s Cathedral in Washington D.C.

Basically, here is the main point of all my cool stories- God listens to the desires of our heart’s, no matter how mundane. We have the onus to ensure that our thoughts are upon heavenly things only. Think Philippians 4:8

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

What are your thoughts? What is running through your mind? Your thoughts are powerful, and they often have more influence on your life than you can imagine. When I listened to very sexual music, and watched very sexual TV shows and movies, I often had very sexual thoughts. This may not make sense to you, but I encourage you to ask the Holy Spirit for conviction. When we begin to grow in God, He begins to convict us of our sins, and out thoughts and actions become more and more aligned with God’s desire for us to be holy.

When your thoughts are on good, pure and holy things. you make passive prayer requests and God hears them, because He is able to dwell in your heart. He listens to the desires of your heart and you see them manifesting even before you make a prayer request. Remember that God can only dwell in a heart that is holy, because He is light, and His light has no business with darkness.

I am very grateful to God for the opportunity to attend mass, you have no idea how much this means to me. Finally, I want to reiterate that we must be mindful of our thoughts. If you want God to grant your desires even before you make them, make your heart habitable for Him.

Jesus loves youuuuu!

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  1. Terese says

    Hello Alheri! Nice to meet you. Thank you for stopping by Hope for Today to read and follow. I look forward to reading your blog. I completely understand the writer’s block and not having time to write/update as often as one wants. God bless you and keep you and make his face shine upon you!


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