Month: January 2017

2017 Spiritual Goals Check-In (January)

There’s only one thing that God cannot do for Himself: He cannot worship Himself. He relies entirely on His creation to worship Him and because man is the highest of all His creation, imagine His joy when we give Him the only food that He can eat. Imagine how God feels when we give Him worship.

Don’t put God in a box

A life with no expectations from God is a life of little faith. Expect Him to show up because the expectations of the righteous will not be cut short. But don’t tell Him how or when or why to show up. You don’t know the full story. Just sit and ask and wait and pray that He shows up.

Don’t condemn yourself, God doesn’t condemn you.

Never judge yourself by some arbitrary standard because God doesn’t do that. He is too loving to even remember your faults. He is too kind to hold your past against you. He does not accuse you. He does not condemn you. When you feel like you’re being accused, realize that it’s the enemy speaking. God always calls you to Himself, never chases you away from Him.

The most beautiful name

Are you waiting upon God when you enter His presence? Are you giving Him the food that He enjoys eating? Are you being a bad waiter or a good waiter? God will give you a tip regardless, but will He want to shut down the restaurant just to enjoy your service?

Come home, Jesus is not disappointed in you.

You are loved, you are forgiven. God is not upset with you. He is not disappointed in you. He just wants you home. Just come back to Him. He does not care where you’ve been or what you’ve done, He wants a relationship with you. He doesn’t want any more wasted days wandering in the wilderness. He does not want you to spend one more moment feeding from the dung hills of life. He just wants you home.

What if I lose faith in God?

The Lord forever keeps us fresh. He keeps the righteous from stumbling. Don’t worry that you’ll love Him more today than you would two years from now. His supply is perennial. He will forever renew your relationship with Him and give you fresh reasons to praise Him. Amen?

Sweet Holy Spirit

I hope that we begin to earnestly desire the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Imagine how much easier our lives would be if we had the Holy Spirit as our companion at all times. The good news is that we already do, we only need to spend more time in the scriptures which were inspired by the Holy Spirit, and let Him inspire our lives also.