Guess who turned 17?!

Hello friends, please why is the weather so rude? It’s March for Pete’s sake!

Anyway, to the main story for today- my little brother turned 17 last month and this post is for him.

Dear Miko, (pronounced my-koh),

The next year of your life will be marked by important milestones and transitions. You’re graduating secondary school, which means you are eligible to run for president of Nigeria. And by God’s Grace, you’ll leave home to for the next phase of your educational pursuits. Since I like lists, I humbly compiled this one for you. These are nuggets I have gathered thus far, and I hope you abide by them because I really wish someone shared these things with me as explicitly as I am about to!

1. God is the one and only one constant in life– Amidst all the change and transitions in this coming year, remember that there is one and only one constant in life. God. He will be with you through the thick and thin. If you find your identity in Him, you will never be lost. When you pass through fire, He will be with you. When you’re trying to find your place in a new environment, remember that He has already prepared everything and His plans for your life will come to fruition. Set your heart on heavenly things for where your treasure is, there your heart also will be. When you seek first the kingdom of God, everything else will be added unto you. God will grace you with immense wisdom when you honor Him

2. Be diligent, especially in your walk with God. Yearn for the things of the Lord and be ready to burn the midnight candle. The Lord has blessed you with wisdom and understanding. You are a star child, by far the smartest one in our family, except that Lucia is also incredibly brilliant. Remember that shelf in the ‘small parlor’ that was filled with your various trophies from all sorts of competitions?! You are the same kid who became a school prefect in SS1, two years ahead of your peers. Hard work will only take you higher and higher! Work harder than your peers, and God will crown your efforts with success. 

3. Age is not an excuse– you are not too young to be ambitious, or smart, or to be used by God. Spiritual overtaking is allowed and encouraged. Timothy was a “youth”, so was Jeremiah, and David when he defeated Goliath. Youth is not an excuse! Never has been, never will be. If anything, it is a time for you to worship God with all that you have. This is a time to secure your future by deepening your relationship with God. Jesus was teaching the elders in the temple when He was just 12 years old, and they marveled at his wisdom. You are not too young to speak in tongues, heal the sick, and to lead a Bible study. In fact, there is no better time.

4. Flee all appearances of evil. No, really. Never ever set your standards on things of this world. At 17, many young people want to ‘explore’ and thereby engage in all sorts of ungodly activities, especially sexually. Do not join them. Let Jesus be your standard. Go the extra mile for Jesus- let your life be perfect and holy before Him. Completely obey the commands of the Lord and surrender your life to Him. Meditate on His law day and night. He will give you grace, but remember that He does not force His will on anyone.

Finally, fix your eyes on Jesus, it pays to serve Him. Like Daniel, you will be excellent in all you do. Like Solomon, you will be wise beyond your years. Like David, you will defeat giants. Like Joseph, you will be a visionary leader. Like Hezekiah, you will boldly state your case before Him and He will concede to your requests. Like Jeremiah, you will fearlessly proclaim His word before Kings. Like Timothy, you will lead churches, and occupy seats that people esteem you too young to occupy.

You have the mind of Christ, and nothing can stand in your way if you align your ways with His.

I love you and Jesus is infatuated with you (that sounds creepy, but why would you die for someone if you aren’t crazy over them?)

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