Month: April 2017

Oh, to find your purpose in life!

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine told me that from the things I said and what he’s observed, I feel closest to God when I’m writing. It’s true. Because I’m working in a creative space when I’m writing, I’m working in tandem with God, the greatest Creator and Creative of all time.

With profound gratitude.

Especially on this Easter Monday, when all I’m thinking about is the sacrifice of the cross. Jesus died for me today. His mercy over me is new every single morning. I don’t have to work on yesterday’s anointing, I don’t have to work with yesterday’s miracles. There are new miracles to be seen, new frontiers to conquer. There is something fresh and new and exciting every single day in the walk with the Lord.

There’s always someone listening.

Many times we think that we are the beginning and end of everything that happens to us. But that’s not true. Think about Jesus, we are healed because of His stripes. I can smile and know that all will be well because my friend, who’s come out on the other side, can tell me that all will be well.

A friend in need

You are not created to walk this earth alone. You cannot walk this earth alone. You cannot make it by yourself. That’s why Jesus promised to send His Spirit to be your helper. You have a helper. You have a boss who’s also your personal assistant. You have a parent who’s also your sibling and your friend and your everything.

Will you give Him the right of way?

Will you allow Him come into your life?

Will you let Him take control in exchange for the peace that He alone can give?