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A few personal things and a lovely song

Hello friends,

I hope you enjoyed my last post and are excited for this weekend. I’m on break from school for one week and really looking forward to sleeping without any alarms. I don’t exactly know what I want to write for today, and that probably is because I haven’t spent time in my thoughts for a while. I usually would sit by myself and think. Actually, read and/ or think. It helps me to settle my thoughts and plan my blog posts. Notwithstanding, I’m working on my discipline and consistency so I’m writing something even though I’m not sure what. Does this qualify as writers’  block? Actually, is writers’ block a myth or is it true? I don’t think I’m a writer so I wouldn’t know haha 😀

This song has been playing in my head for the past hour, so let’s enjoy it shall we? I heard it for the first time when Priscilla posted it on her blog.

For lack of inspiration for a “better” post,  I’m going to share random things about myself.

  1. My earliest memories probably formed when I was about two/ three years old. Here’s a random one I remember: we were moving out of my parents’ first house (well, first house since they had me) and an uncle of mine broke a bottle of honey by mistake. I sat on the floor and eating the honey out of the pieces of broken glass. I remember knowing that I could get hurt, but eating from the glass anyway.
  1. Biggest Fear– Getting to the end of my life and not being fulfilled. I also have the irrational fear that I won’t have the courage to pursue my dreams. I fear that I will get carried away in the frenzy of being “successful” and try to make a lot of money instead of doing what I want to do with my life. And this fear comes mainly because I don’t know if I’ll get wealthy doing what I love to do 😀
  1. One thing I value most about my life- Apart from my relationship with God, I’m very grateful for my mind. It’s amazing that no one thinks exactly the way I do, has the same memories that I do, or sees the world exactly how I do. For me, that’s really special so I hope I never lose my own unique spark. That would mean losing my mind, basically.
  1. I want to travel by myself. A lot. I want to be thrown into a new place (perhaps where I don’t understand the language?) and be forced to find my way around, and along the line, learn new things about myself.
  1. I don’t know what kind of life I want to have. I don’t know when/ where I want to get married, I don’t know if I want a big/ small family, I don’t know where I want to live and I don’t know the kind of work I want to do in my life. This, perhaps is why I cherish my relationship with God so much. Without Him, I would feel very lost. But because I have God, I know that whether or not I dreamed (or is it dreamt?) of being where I am today, I am exactly at the right place, at the right time, because my hand is safely nestled in Jesus’.
  1. I have a very deep bond with my parents. I can call them at any time of the day and cry, if I need to, or share a silly story, or just talk and talk. I also have an irrational fear that one day, they won’t be here anymore. I know, I know, our parents will all die one day (if they haven’t already). But my fear of my parents’ death is irrational. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t been home in a while and I don’t know when next I’ll see them. Also, maybe I’m homesick. 
  1. I’ve skipped a few days of my daily devotional. I think that’s partly because I was so exhausted this week (as I was sick) and partly because I really haven’t felt like being productive all week long. My week has been wake up, bath, and go through the motions of my day. Meh. 
  1. If I could have a superpower, I would be multilingual. I already speak three languages- english and my native tongue fluently, and hausa to a certain degree of fluency. But I wish I understood/ spoke more languages. I think the culture and psychology of a people become much more accessible once you understand their language, and I’m very intrigued by people. 
  1. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t a christian. People often speak about a time when they really gave their lives to Jesus and began to consciously walk with Him. As much as I’m slightly jealous of that decision (it feels like a wedding, or a new beginning haha), I haven’t had an experience like that. Since I was 7/ 8 years old and could go to church by myself, I did. I also started to pray and read/ understand the word of God (as much as I could at that age). I believe that I’ve always had a special relationship with God, and I hold that very dear to my heart. I always have loved God, and I really pray that I can say that on my death bed, before I close my eyes and head to heaven to be with Jesus. Teehee! 😀
  1. When I was younger, I had dreams of heaven. Those were my favorite dreams to have. In this particular dream, I had walked up a ladder to the sky. When I got to heaven, which was just beyond the sky in my small mind, Jesus put out HIs hand and pulled me into heaven. In some dreams, God would give me a tour of heaven, and in this one dream, I saw St. Theresa, after whom I have my baptismal name.

Okay, that’s it for tonight friends.

Have a lovely week and May the peace of God keep us all!

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Hey, my name is Alheri and I'm obsessed with Jesus. This blog is me keeping my promise to Him for answering a prayer. Purple is my favorite color and my favorite scripture is Jeremiah 32:27 which says "Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?" (KJV) You can contact me at


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  3. RIGHT? We learn so much about ourselves when we’re thrown into new waters! Since I discovered that traveling alone was a “thing”, I’ve been longing for the day I’ll head somewhere new by myself. Must be fun! Share your experiences if and when you go! 🙂


  4. Nice sharing. I never really considered your option 4 but now that you mentioned it, it’s just so desirable. Sometimes you don’t know how many new things you can discover about yourself.


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