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Stepping into a new season

When the beginning of this year came, I didn’t really feel different. With 2016, I felt the New Year. I was in the New Year and I fully accepted the New Year spirit in me. I attacked it with everything I had. Remember I even did a fast and read Woman Thou Art Loosed. I really believed that I needed to be loosed from certain things. Haha.

With 2017, I felt very ambivalent, I even had to remind myself to begin from where I was. It came, it didn’t come, I was just here. But come it did! And just like that, the second month of the year is gone…

So, how are we doing on those Spiritual Goals? Did you even set any? Have you taken active steps to the goals?

Let me share a little of what is working for me.

I always talk about wanting to be a morning person. I want to wake up at the breaking of dawn and talk to my Lord. Just like David does in the bible.

But alas, since that has not happened yet, I have decided to give my first and my best 10% to God. Well, we’re not at 10% yet, but we’re getting there slowly but surely. Before I do anything now, I read my devotional and journal for a few minutes. I haven’t done it for too long, but I’ve done it consistently for some time. I pray it sticks.

Maybe we all can agree to starting with small steps to our goals. Maybe before we begin to spend hours and hours in the presence of the Lord, we can begin with taking God’s work seriously and doing the work that love requires, and overcoming people bondage and so on and so forth.


When we give God the little that we have, He multiplies it and makes a mountain out of it. Because of the sweet Holy Spirit at work, we grow and experience much more than we even deserve. God doesn’t want us to go from zero to hero in one day because it is He who will lead us and guide our steps.

One of my new favorite verses is:

“Although the Lord has given you bread of privation and water of oppression, He, your Teacher will no longer hide Himself, but your eyes will behold your Teacher. Your ears will hear a word behind you, “This is the way, walk in it,” whenever you turn to the right of to the left.”

How comforting is that? As we walk through life, God Himself will give us clues about where to go and what to do. As I go about my business on campus, I remind myself that the voice of the Lord is whispering where I should go, He is nudging me towards my epoch. He will see to it Himself.

I only need to spend time with Him so that I know His voice and am able to discern when He’s speaking with me.

Give yourself a pat on the back, you’ve made it this far. Even if you’ve only taken a baby step towards achieving your goals, you’re on your way there. You will get there. The zeal of the Lord will accomplish it.

Surrender to Him and watch Him swing to action.

Happy end of February and Happy New Month in advance!

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Hey, my name is Alheri and I'm obsessed with Jesus. This blog is me keeping my promise to Him for answering a prayer. Purple is my favorite color and my favorite scripture is Jeremiah 32:27 which says "Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?" (KJV) You can contact me at


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  2. Egor F Egbe says

    I remember growing up in a typical, local African village in the mangrove forest. In Ogoja. With a mostly illiterate inhabitant farmers and a few primary school teachers with occasional visitation on annual leave by mostly soldiers and policemen of the lower ranks, where would you see a Gregorian calendar? So we depended 90% on the information dished out at will by the Grade Three primary school teachers many of whom had transition, battery operated radios. Most times they would blame their inability to understand the news broadcast on bad reception. But who could query them? Or even argue? Who understood the news from the radio near to the teachers’ level? Farmers? Pupils , many of whom had not even for once set eyes on a simple transition radio? No.
    So the entire community almost depended on natural occurrences to fathom out the seasons save for the Catholic faith for Christian events announcements and School events by the headmaster of the primary School. Then holidays.

    The community did not value the western New Year day as such. Because parents never cared to sew new clothes for their wards. Children would use the Christmas jumper or school dress made for them and which served as Christmas dress.
    Thank God we did not hear of climate change then. The new season came with high dusty dry wind from the north. Rain would temporarily cease. Harvest of yams was over. Clearing of the innocent mangrove would commence preparatory for the wawa and tiv men’s coming to make mounds and heaps. Then the first rain comes and the dirty air is drained down. Dusty brown looking roofs turn bright again. For a few days drinking water would not be collected from the roofs rundown for lack of purity(to the eyes). Segmented streams and small rivers join up again with the running water looking muddy, dirty. Then planting season sets in and the entire village inhabitants varnish through bush paths behind their homes into the farms for increased farming activity.

    The villagers’ season is different. His prayer is geared towards farm harvesting. he would thank God for the year’s bumper harvest and pray for environmental ambiance to get higher yields next season. Even the Chinese have a different date set as the start of their season.

    Recall the Three Angels that appeared to Abram…on their way to a journey whence they announced the birth of a child in that household…”at this season …next…there shall be the cry of a baby in this house…” And by the next season came Issac.
    Set your season. God sees your heart. He sees your intentions. Your struggles. Set your prayer circle. Keep to it. The heavenly Father will continue to bless you and by His Grace, wonderful results will be showered on you. Amen.


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