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Don’t condemn yourself, God doesn’t condemn you.

I listened to a sermon yesterday that highlighted something very important about the book of Isaiah. He preached fire and brimstone and judgement on Israel, until the 6th chapter of his book when he saw God, seated upon Your throne, high and lifted up. It was then that He cried, “Behold, I am a man of unclean lips…” It was by beholding God’s presence that Isaiah realized His own uncleanliness.

After Isaiah’s proclamation of his own uncleanliness, one of the seraphim touch Isaiah’s mouth and say “See, this has touched your lips; your guilt is taken away and your sin atoned for.”

How beautiful! How boundless God’s grace! Even before we learn about grace in the New Testament, God shows Isaiah the concept of grace. His sins and guilt were taken away from one simple touch.  This is akin to the death of Jesus on the cross. It only takes the realization that we are unclean for the touch of Jesus to take place in our lives and make us into new people.

God placed His word in Isaiah’s mouth. He made Isaiah a mouthpiece and Isaiah’s message changes. While Isaiah still delivers judgement to Israel, he always carried a comforting word for them from God. Isaiah is the prophet in the Old Testament who carries the most clear vision about Jesus.

Isaiah prophesies about the redemption of Israel. God shows him things that even his imagination couldn’t carry. He is quoted in the New Testament more than any other prophet. Isaiah has some of the most powerful and empowering verses in the bible. He speaks of salvation coming through one Man who God will send to earth, He sounds even more than an evangelist than a prophet. 

Grace is as simple as coming into the presence of God and having Him touch us. Just one touch and our lives are forever changed.


Isaiah has been my favorite book of the bible for a long, long time. It makes a brilliant read for a lover of literature like me, and the prophecies therein are beyond comforting for any child of God. I love the little lesson on grace from a book in the Old Testament.

Are we willing to like Isaiah, fall on our faces and acknowledge our own desperate need for a savior? Do we understand God’s holiness and righteousness? Do we understand the depth of our need for His touch?

More importantly, do we understand that it only takes one touch from God to completely transform our lives? There’s nothing more you need to do. Once you confess Jesus, let go of the guilt and shame that seek to hold you down. Do not let the enemy imprison you with constant sadness for your past or your sins.

Once you confess to God, take your eyes off the sins and guilt and shame and whatever baggage you’re carrying. Fix your eyes on Jesus and begin to praise and thank Him for His work in your life. When you keep looking at your sin, it grows before your eyes and you fall right back. What you focus on will continue to grow. Focus on Jesus through praise and worship and He will grow bigger.

He will change you to become more like Him. He will completely turn your life around and you will begin to talk like Him, think like Him, look like Him, and even smell of Him. You will one day look up and see that you’re walking in your purpose, that you’ve completely conquered sin, and that you’re walking by the power of the Holy Spirit only. 

You will look behind you and see all the demons that you have slayed even without your own knowledge. You will look beside you and see God’s footsteps walking with you in the sands of time. You will look ahead of you and see a glorious and beautiful destiny.

It doesn’t matter that you’re not sure what your future will be. It doesn’t matter that you’re not sure what the next step to take is. Fixate on Jesus and as you follow Him, He will lead you where you need to go. You only have one thing to do: fixate on Jesus. Saturate yourself with His word and your mouth with His praise.

Never judge yourself by some arbitrary standard because God doesn’t do that. He is too loving to even remember your faults. He is too kind to hold your past against you. He does not accuse you. He does not condemn you. When you feel like you’re being accused, realize that it’s the enemy speaking. God always calls you to Himself, never chases you away from Him.

Of course, this is not a license to sin, but even if you fall seven times, get up eight times and fill your mouth with praise and thanksgiving to God for the victory that He has won in your life. Fixate on the Holy Spirit by meditating on scripture and Godly music and His presence in your life will grow bigger and bigger.

I pray that God will take us deeper into Himself. I pray that He will continue to reveal His boundless, inexplicable grace and mercy to us. I pray that He will wipe away all guilt and shame from our lives and enable us to know Him even more intimately.

It is pretty obvious that I don’t know an awful lot about the book of Isaiah but I thought that the little lesson from this book was beyond amazing. This little revelation has blessed my heart and I pray that it blessed you beyond imagination.

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You can read more about Isaiah from this website. It’s a good place to begin.

I don’t remember what sermon I heard the revelation about Isaiah from. But I know it was a sermon by Dr D.K. Olukoya.

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  3. Alheri! This was so on time and spot on! Thank you so much girl! I appreciate you! This is really important! And it helps! ❤


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