Year: 2016

Revel in the silence.

We often ask God for things- money, good grades, relationships and what not. But how much more beautiful live would be if we had the single most important thing ever- the abiding presence of God and an unquestionable, unshakable intimacy with God. When we have that, all these other things don’t even matter because we have it all.

How God honors His own.

When you honor the Lord with your body, your resources and everything you have, He will personally take charge of every aspect of your life. Imagine God planning your daily activities Himself. Imagine Him planning the exciting events in your life. Imagine Him at your beck and call, ensuring your expected end.

The acceptable vice

It does not matter if the whole world goes left, if God has decreed that He wants you to go right. It does not matter if the social norms dictate that a certain habit is perfectly acceptable. If it in anyway puts you in conflict with the spirit of God living inside of you, break it off immediately.