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You are loved

I don’t know why these three words have been on my mind all morning. You are Loved. Despite crumbling under the mountain of work I have to plough through before nightfall, sleep deprivation, and good ‘ol hunger and tiredness, my heart is singing a song. It’s telling me that I am loved by God. That He truly, truly, makes all things work together for the good of all of us who love Him and are called according to His purposes.

laugh2I spent last night with a very close friend’s family. My friend has three little sisters, who all had to fix their hair for school. When we started to braid, her mum also got excited and decided she would take out her own braids, wash her hair, and fix new braids. In between my friend and I braiding four heads (it was crochet braids, I’m not a magician to braid four heads overnight), we bantered and laughed at familiar stories. In those short, slightly stressful moments, I caught a glimpse of God’s infinite and incomprehensible love for me.

I’m currently reading Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon for my *drumroll* Toni Morrison Class. Yes, it’s this really higher level English seminar where we read *drumroll* Toni Morrison books. We talk about them, how their themes pertain to today’s world, how her command of the english language is timeless, and how her characters are towering and intimidating. It’s a really cool class, my friends, really cool.

The book is very weird- the characters are just really weird (but really, who gave me the right to call someone weird when their lives have been drastically different from mine, and when their sensibilities have been cultivated differently from mine? When their adult actions are a reflection of their childhood or lack thereof and of several different experiences from mine?)

laughBut the book is lovely. It’s so well written and so wonderfully complex, I literally am buried in the pages, turning and turning, and only lifting my head when I get to the end of a chapter, or when I’m interrupted. And then I get that weird feeling when you open your eyes after closing them for a while and the sun is shining a little brighter, and the world has a little more color.

I share this long slightly unnecessary information to tell you that there’s one character in
Song of Solomon who hasn’t laughed in decades. She’s smiled a few times, but she’s never had any reason to let out a hearty, holding-your-sides kind of laugh.

As I braided my friend’s sisters and mother last night and the laughter flowed very, very freely, I realized how much God must love me.

He’s given me the gift of laughter and the gift of hope. He’s giving me the gift of gratitude and the gift of love. He shows me, in the tiniest, most inconspicuous ways, that He’s there. Holding my hand, cheering me on, and honoring my sacrifices of love.

I am able to laugh. To let out a hearty laugh that brings tears to my eyes. I dance on the sidewalk, and as I perform my routine activities- going to class, meals with friends, appointments, work. Sometimes I dance to no music, but I get a tune in my heart which moves my feet. At other times, I listen to music and let it transport and transform my soul.

laugh-3I can love, like, and care. I can read, study, and understand. I can pray, wait, and receive a response. I can open my eyes, see the beauty in the world, and smile. There’s so, so much which shows me that God loves me. There’s so, so much that He’s done for me. It doesn’t even make sense how my life has turned out this beautiful. This special. This unique.


He’s good. He’s given me exceedingly, abundantly, above all that I ever could ask or imagine and I refuse to live in the dangerous anticipation of tomorrow that makes today bland and dreary.

I’ve decided to praise Him.

Will you join me?

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