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How God honors His own.

Over the past few days, I have been praying like I haven’t in a long time, and this has open my heart to very many things. I’ve let go of several things in my heart and in my mind. Funnily enough, Thursday night, I was praying about pulling down altars and works of the enemy that fight against us. As I prayed, I was making the motions of pulling something down, thrusting my hands up and down, pulling and dismantling.

Friday evening I went for Prayer and Miracle service in my church and it was another session of intense prayer. Saturday came and I had the most excruciating back pain. I felt like I had gone to the gymnasium again after a long time. I found that really funny, but a reminder that I hadn’t been doing the charismatic prayer that I learnt from several years back.

starsI had a few dreams. In my first dream, I was in Nigeria and my older brother took me on a flight with some very good old friends, mostly from secondary school in Nigeria. They chartered an entire plane and were taking me to begin my new school in Germany. I haven’t been thinking about Germany by the way, it just seems like a metaphor for some place far away from home.

All through the flight, I kept wondering how they had pulled this off- chartering an entire plane for everyone to travel together, and keeping it a secret from me. Anyway, when we got to this Germany in my dream, we got a private bus and we travelled to the venue of the school.

Then when I got there, I realized it was a surprise wedding for ya girl. I remember wondering where my friends from other parts of my life were- my friends from A’Levels, and my friends from college (university), and everywhere in between.

It was when I got to this castle in Germany that I realized that these other sets of friends had been planning the event on the ground. They had set out the castle in a very beautiful garden and that I wasn’t allowed to wander around to see who had made it there.

Sunrise winI remember that my Mama was there and she (with all my friends and loved ones) had planned the entire event and paid for everything. Also, Chimmamanda was at the event and was going to give the toast for me and this my mystery spouse. I walked to the main sitting room in the castle  and took a seat on a nice couch, while my friends were busy serving everyone cupcakes and small chops.

My friend Korantema said I wasn’t allowed to walk around because they didn’t want me to see the entire surprise. I wasn’t allowed to the garden grounds or to the place where the ceremony and reception were taking place. I wasn’t even allowed to see my dress and the food they were serving.

It was all a surprise but I know that I was deeply moved, deeply pleased, and deeply humbled. I was dumbfounded and I remember thinking just how much God had honored me.

Anyway, Mama came in to ask where this mystery husband was, and why she and many others hadn’t met him yet.

Just then, the mutual friend who had introduced us said he was very handsome, and that he had a very good “feeling” about him. He was God-fearing and he sure would get along with everyone.

SimbaIn my heart (in the dream), I was really excited because the relationship had honored God completely. There was no sin of any kind in our union and it was completely founded on God. Just then this mystery spouse walked in and leaned over to give me a hug- I was lounging on the couch watching everything in wonder. He sat on the hand of the chair beside me and began to explain what had delayed him.

He was making final arrangements for food and drinks for the event (which had been a surprise to me btw.) I remember thinking to tell him not to worry because everything had been paid for and all we needed was to relax and enjoy the weekend, but he was still speaking and telling me about his day so I just listened.

I remember wondering where his own friends and family members were and as he wanted to stand up and go say hello to them, I was like oh I’ve missed you, sit with me. And he did.

I did not speak much all through my dream because I was mostly overwhelmed and dumbfounded. I was so, so, blown away by everyone’s love and attention that I was holding back tears the entire dream.

happy childAnd then I woke up. Happy at such a wonderful dream, but sad that it was over.

Anyway, I woke up and the first thing on my mind was how I could go back to sleep to continue my dream.

But that wasn’t necessary because I think that the purpose of the dream had been fulfilled. Please note that I hadn’t exactly been thinking about any of this. I may have had a conversation or watched a video about marriage but it wasn’t exactly on my mind lol.

Ya girl don’t want no relationship right now plizzzzz.

The Lord was showing me that He will honor me with

1. Love– I was surrounded with people who I had known for several years and they all came together to serve me. To make sure that I was happy, that I had a lovely, lovely, day and experience. They had made huge sacrifices for me and I was oh so grateful.

2. Prominence– Because of the connections I had (due to God’s favor), one of my idols was coming to give a toast at my wedding. I was having an event where the cream of the crop was in attendance. Look at this little girl having a wedding in a dream garden in a dream location with the dream friends and dream partner.

3. Relationship– I was going to wed a man who was after God’s own heart. Even in the dream, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was completely sold out to Jesus. He had God as the center of His life and I was going to journey through life with Him. Our relationship had been pure and holy and God was honoring me big time.

4. Nothing you do for God ever goes unnoticed– The Lord honors those who love Him. He says it countless times in His word. He will reward you. Hold on tight. He will do it.

I don’t know why I feel led to share this dream. Perhaps it’s because someone has been working for the Lord and asking if it was making any difference. The Lord sees everything that you do in secret and He will honor you big time.

Gif Opr

When you honor the Lord with your body, your resources and everything you have, He will personally take charge of every aspect of your life. Imagine God planning your daily activities Himself. Imagine Him planning the exciting events in your life. Imagine Him at your every turn, ensuring your expected end.

Indeed, we serve a faithful God. Be encouraged.

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  1. LOL I don’t know why this filled me with joy! You write with such a purity that makes me feel like a child with no cares in the world!

    Loved reading this! I was trying not to rush because I felt like I was watching a TV show and when I go too the end, I was a bit sad it was over too but I’m glad it ended because it meant you were going to share the message God placed on your heart through it.

    Thank you for this refreshing and truly encouraging word Alheri!

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