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Music and Love.

I never really began to listen to music until I got into A’Levels. I had heard songs, and while I could tell you who was making waves, music never was a private experience for me. But since it became so personal and integral to my wellbeing, my love and appreciation for good music has grown tremendously. Music has inspired my worship sessions with the Lord, my poetry, and even my appreciation for prose.

Some music evokes the sights, sounds and smells of places. For instance, Asa’s Bed of Stone album reminds me of walking up the small hill leading up to the house where I lived in Washington D.C. last summer, the beautiful frangipani trees painting the sidewalk with their purple flowers.

One particular song on the album, Situation, makes me think very much of Teju Cole’s Open City, my favorite book from last summer. There was one evening after work, when I was riding the D.C. metro to Silver Springs where I lived. I had Situation playing in my ears, while I was reading Open City. I think I was on the part of the novel where the protagonist travelled to Europe, and had a most revealing and intriguing conversation with a coffee seller. Yup. I remember that detail also haha.

Here is Asa’s most recent music video (at least according to my research haha). It’s also from the Bed of Stone album.


Summertime is for me, one of the most lovely times of the year. Because I don’t have assignments and papers deadlines looming over me, I indulge in my favorite pastimes: reading and writing. Also, while I’m generally an extrovert, my hobbies demand a certain amount of solitude so although there always are a lot of people and events and places to be in the summer, I always rediscover my introvert streak, which I adore!

That long preamble really is to introduce you to some of the music that has been rocking my life. As this summer draws to a close, I cannot help but think about the passing of time and the various seasons of life. This is the last summer when I’ll technically have a summer holiday, at least until I head to Law School. This is the last summer before I graduate university and officially become a full adult, and become completely responsible for everything that concerns me. Wow. How time has flown by, but more importantly, how faithful God has been!

Anyway, if you came here because of the title, Music and Love, I apologize but there was nothing deeper in that title than the fact that music makes me think- about my life, my journey, my hobbies, and myself. And it makes me fall in love with myself. Because the more I think about these things, the more overwhelmed I am with how far I’ve come, the more grateful I am, and the more in love with myself I am.

May we always have better days ahead of us!

This is my favorite music video from Adekunle Gold so far. Actually, I’m quite torn between this one and Pick Up, but oh well.


So this summer, I have been enjoying Adekunle Gold’s debut album Gold, and Brymo’s Klitoris. I know, I know, Klitoris is not exactly the best title to give to a commercial album, and although I listened to the album out of curiosity, I must say that I have completely and utterly fallen in love with it. It’s simply magnificent. There’s something so soothing about Brymo’s voice that although I do not understand Yoruba at all, I still love to listen to him. It definitely has been the highlight of the latter part of my summer.

If you’re in search of good music, please give Brymo and Adekunle Gold a listen. For my non-Nigerian readers, these are two young musicians who are making waves in the “alternative” Nigerian music scene that is saturated with the so-called “afro-pop,” or “afro-beats” genre.

Till next time, please do your soul a favor a listen to some good music. Let me leave you with a song I love with Brymo’s album. 


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