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You cannot put me down

I wrote this poem one day while sitting on the subway (train) heading somewhere. Amidst the cacophony around me, there was this still voice whispering inspiration inside my head. As feisty as the poem reads, nothing spectacular happened. It’s not shade to anyone. I was just feeling extra empowered hence, I wrote a poem for everyone who truly believes that they are magic. Because, YOU.ARE.MAGIC.

For the fun of it, I’ll share the unedited piece, and then tomorrow (hopefully) I’ll share an updated version with all my edits and revisions. And yes, this below, is just the raw version. 

Enjoy, and please, please, leave your feedback.


You cannot put me down

You may come at me with daggers in your eyes

Sickles in your hands

But you cannot put me down

I am the stars whispering to the Sahara

I am the cool calm breeze on the mountain peak after a day of hiking

I am a glass of cold water to the menial laborer

I am a the reward for all things beautiful, all things sparkling

I am magic

Constellations and galaxies converging in one.

A unique dance in infinity

I existed I exist I will continue to exist

I am a mothers prayer and a fathers leap for joy

I am generations of black women singing

I am the ra ta ta of the commanding African drum

I am the spices of Arabia meets the opulence of solomons palace

I am gold and silver and everything special.

Soft whispers in your sick bed

Your mothers gentle hands rubbing and kissing the cold out of your chest

Your girlfriends voice at midnight that makes you rise to the occasion

A home cooked meal after a hard day at work

That is who I am

Begotten after the I Am

Magic- this huge inexplicable unfashionable ball of light and love and power

See y’all tomorrow with a (hopefully) better version of this poem. I think I should rename is Magic. What do you think?

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Hey, my name is Alheri and I'm obsessed with Jesus. This blog is me keeping my promise to Him for answering a prayer. Purple is my favorite color and my favorite scripture is Jeremiah 32:27 which says "Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?" (KJV) You can contact me at


  1. I definitely like I am magic or just magic as a title. .
    I have struggled with liking poem.but there’s just something about the way you piece words together in your poems
    its it


  2. Egor F Egbe says

    I just like the poem but maybe in part. Poems become full messages when the poet’s style is fully comprehended. I am still struggling. What’s like old school reasoning. Am I not trying? Carry go, One.


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