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You’re never enough because it’s never about you.

That He may be glorified in you.

Hello friends, as you clearly can tell, I very much was in my feelings last night. The post honestly captured how I felt at that period in time. I thought about taking the post down several times, and I even asked a friend to read it and give me her opinion.

Anyway, I decided to head to bed so I wouldn’t be tempted to take it down and hide the fact that sometimes life gets real, and emotions get in the way, and I want to sit in a big bath tub of my tears and eat chocolate and watch chick flicks and romantic movies and whine.

Okay, that’s a lie, but you get the scenario.

I woke up in the morning to the message “This last blog (post) is quite powerful and feels super authentic, I like it.” Sorry friend that I just broadcast your text, but you’re friends with a blogger geh. But I promise no one knows who you are. Except me, of course.

And I was like oh yeah, authentic? I guess so, but I literally only wanted to express how I felt at that particular moment in time, to freeze my emotions onto a computer screen and to capture the essence of my feelings, however wrong, or right, or self-righteous they were.

Today after work (oh yeah, I started working again), I came home to the most amazing comments from some of my readers. And I want to highlight some of the very important things that they shared with me.

You are not enough. It’s never about you. You are not made right by yourself, you are made right, and enough, and great, because Jesus lives inside of you. This one came from Muyiwa, the person behind this amazing post that had the best daily views in a long time. Here are a few words from the wise young man:

I know, I know, you could read this in the comments from yesterday’s post, but why not borrow some words of wisdom and force them down your throat? 😀

1) You are not enough. And that is okay. God’s Word tells us that “You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly.” (Romans 5:6) We were, are utterly helpless and powerless without Him. And He knew. And STILL He died for us. Our helplessness and “un-enoughness” does not faze our Father.

2) You became enough BECAUSE He is! We are united in Christ. Complete in Him. Yes, we will have longings that can’t be fulfilled in this life until Christ returns and we see Him fully and our faith is turned to sight. But His completeness is Enough. And a done deal. Rest in that. Rest in that. Rest in that. Look at His completeness, gaze until that Truth is burned in your memory. Because as long as we try to work our own form of completeness, we do not rest in the fact our Sole TRUE identity rests in the COMPLETION of Christ.

You are complete only because He is. Remember that Truth afresh and I pray it encourages you. We will boast of His righteousness alone (Psalm 71:16) and the lies of the enemy trying to make us feel incomplete will just make us laugh. “Yeah satan, you think I am not good enough? So do I. God gave me His Goodness and turned the tables around” (You lose, satan. Always and always).

Thank you Muyiwa, you’ve spoken the truth!

And secondly, Kwadwo Triumph made some good sense as well (as always.)

3. It will do you good to be at peace on the fact that God has good plans for you – long before you were born – and they are taking you to an expected end. You’re not about to live that life! You’ve been living it since your first breath. And God has been guiding your steps to where His plans should lead you. You’re not outside His will. Don’t compare. It does no good. Believe you’re on the right path and it leads to fullness of joy and a fulfilled life. We are all on different paths. I might not know much about you but I will never believe you’re not on your God-ordained path. All your life experiences, all the education, the family you were born into, the loses and gains, are together making you the vessel God wants you to be.

Do not look to the left, or to the right, but look straight ahead to Jesus. The one who has called you and has perfected His will in you.

And of course, He proceeded to blow me a trumpet:

And I believe so strongly you’ll be all God has called you to be. And I have reason to believe it is no small destiny. You’re destined for greatness! Might not come in the shape and form you might be expecting but it will come.

You’re not enough. We are never enough. Because it is never about us. It is all about Jesus and He is more than enough. What you’re doing for your family is enough because it is Jesus doing them. And He wouldn’t do any more or less if He was here in person. What you’re doing in school is enough because it is Jesus doing it. Rest my dear. Go to sleep on all the fears and worries and confusion. They are not from God anyway. He is the God of all flesh, is there anything too hard for Him?

In all, I guess this post is for me to say thank you- to these two young men who have commented and encouraged me. And for those who offer their prayers, and for those who read.

This is for all of us. For all of us who truly and genuinely long after the Lord. May He give us the grace and meet us at our points of need. We’re far from perfect, we may not always put in the work, but our God is faithful. 

May we never take that for granted.

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Hey, my name is Alheri and I'm obsessed with Jesus. This blog is me keeping my promise to Him for answering a prayer. Purple is my favorite color and my favorite scripture is Jeremiah 32:27 which says "Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?" (KJV) You can contact me at


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  2. egor f egbe says

    I was surprised at the answer Bishop Jatau (now retired) gave when the Arch-Diocese wanted to celebrate his silver jubilee as a Bishop at that time and they sent church elders and organizers of the event to him.

    They asked Him: Your Grace, you have been long serving in the vineyard of God…….. you have used this your 505 car for so long….for the silver jubilee what do you want us to do for you, as we have generated a lot of money (Naira) from the collections and invitations? We want to build you a retirement house at any place of your choice and buy you a befitting jeep….

    His Grace replied: I want to live in the premises of Queen of Apostles catholic Church, Kakuri so that i will have the opportunity of attending mass to always atone for my sins and continue with my prayer life. My body may have become weak but my spirit is thirsting for God’s Grace…. For the jeep, the 505 is still fantastic…it has never broken down during a journey… it has never left me stranded anywhere…..but remember, I ordained some young priests a few months ago…and they were sent to many remote villages of Kaduna…… please buy some small movable cars for them … so they can always get to their out-stations early…. for confessions and for mass.

    All the Diocesans were perplexed at the requests (or directives?) of the aging Bishop! Arch Bishop Jatau has long retired after the age of 75. He permanently lives in Queen of Apostles Catholic Church… walks to mass always and treks over to St Gerrard’s hospital…no new car nor jeep!

    See, Arch Bishop Jatau was ordained at the age of 22. He received and administered Holy Communion for at least 53 years….. He is over 80 by now…still attends mass and prays always; receives Holy Communion! He still feels he has not had ENOUGH of this sacrament.

    Everyone one who believes in God and constantly follows the ways of the scriptures, the thirst for God”s Word remains unquenchable. You can NEVER HAVE ENOUGH OF GOD’S Word nor can you ever feel one has done ENOUGH to also win souls to the Kingdom of God.

    The erudite St Paul urges us to keep on going, spreading the Word of God to the ends of the World…can we ever have ENOUGH for or do ENOUGH for the teeming multitudes of migrants and refugees manufactured for now from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, C.A.R., and feed the innocent but hungry citizens of today oil-rich Venezuela?


  3. Muyiwa says

    Wow. You’re too much 🙈Thanks so much for the honor, I didn’t see that coming 😁But you spoke the Truth, and so did Kwadwo-Triumph. May He unite us with Himself and with each other, fellow members of His Body. May He Glorify Himself. God bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Kwadwo-Triumph says

        Oh no, it’s not like that Alheri 😖 😖. You ever been in a situation where you felt so honoured and humbled you just had no words to say even though you knew you should say something? That’s how I felt when I saw I was featured in this post. I was so delighted but shocked at the same time. All I was saying was “Wow, wow, wow!” I could only respond to the prayer at the end with that praying emoji.

        But i want you to know I really appreciate your gesture. It’s such an honour. Trust me! I also always tell myself I’m not a good writer so to see you post exactly what I said earlier, really moved me. Thank you Alheri 😊 And I’m glad God uses me to be a blessing to you. You’re also such a huge blessing, you have no idea. 😀


          • Kwadwo-Triumph says

            Don’t mention. It’s always a pleasure 🙂

            (I’m not going to give one word or ‘just an emoji’ comment again 😂😄…Hahaha!)

            I trust you’re doing well and the week’s treated you good so far?


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