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Five things God has done for me in the past five years.

In church today, we learned about having expectations from God. When life gets tough, we forget that we probably have been through worse and the same God who’s brought us thus far is more that capable to carry us through once again.

I’m trusting God for a few things and although I can’t share them all here, I’ll definitely share the testimonies. The waiting period right now seems very difficult. I want to see my future, I want to know that He will take care of me, I want to know that everything will be alright.

Jeremiah 29:11 now has come to life! The Lord alone knows the plans that He has for me. They are plans for good and not for evil, and as surely as the sun shines, they will bring me to an expected end.

God already has assured me that every single aspect of my life has been taken care of. So why am I worried?

Here are a few things that the Lord has done for me in the past five years. I prayed for every single one of them. But the Lord did not answer me because of my prayers. He answered me because of His kindness. Please Join me as I count my blessings! ❤

1. I really wanted to be the Chapel Prefect in my secondary school (or high school for Americans.) I’ve shared a little about this before. I wanted to be the go-to student for the religious and spiritual concerns of the school. I remember one day over the holidays vividly, when I prayed for the role, and promised God that if He gave me the opportunity I wouldn’t let Him down. There are many things I’d change about how I served, but overall I think I did a decent job. (For a clueless 15 year old.)

2. When God made me the student speaker at my secondary school graduation. I wanted to be the class speaker from the first graduation ceremony I ever attended (four years before my own graduation). I was in awe of the student speaker’s oratory and confidence! The story was compelling, funny, and inspiring. From that day, I prayed that I would give the speech at my graduation. On the day we voted, to avoid any awkwardness, I cast my vote and headed straight to the school chapel to pray. After a sufficient amount of time, when I knew everyone would be done voting, I returned to my classroom. On my way back, one of my classmates told me that I had won by a landslide. I was overjoyed. Later, our school principal told me that he was very impressed that my class year had selected a girl as the valedictorian. He said that in his four years of being there, boys always had the highest and second highest vote. Talk about Grace!


I love how this picture has so much character!

3. Jesus took me to my A’Levels school. I heard about my school two years before I actually applied there, and made a mental note to apply there when the time came. When it was time to apply, I missed the deadline and gave up hope. But as God works wonders, the deadline was extended, I submitted my application and the Lord came through for me in so many ways throughout that process. From my interviews, to my visa, to my flight ticket. I cannot recount the entire experience here, because it’ll be too long. The Lord did it! He did it. Now I have this new group of friends from several countries across Africa and the world and I’m so so grateful for that experience.

4. He brought me to my college. I did not want to come to this university, it’s a silly reason: one of my close friends from secondary school was here and I thought that being two classes later would be awkward. That couldn’t have been farther from the truth. Having her and other friends here paved the way for me. It took away worry, anxiety and stress. They made the transition extremely easy and I’m so grateful. More so, I have a fantastic community of Christian women here who genuinely and completely love the Lord! What more could I ask for?

5. He gave me my dream internship.  Last summer I interned with a very prestigious U.S. company, and I loved everyday of my experience. My work ethic was weak, and my discipline was horrible, but the Lord gave me that opportunity, which I clearly did not deserve. Throughout the summer, He came through in several ways and I was dumbfounded every single time. He provided free accommodation, an easy commute, and a wonderful team of people that I worked with.

I don’t know why He favors me this way. If God has a favorite child, I definitely am the one. And He always tells me that He hasn’t even started with me yet. ❤ ❤ ❤

That’s it for today friends. Do you have any testimonies? Are there spectacular things that the Lord has done for you? Please share and encourage someone!

Also, I got another article published on Bellanaija, Africa’s top entertainment website. I really am so grateful to the Lord for opening these doors for me, and I pray that I remain obedient to Him.

I hope this post has blessed and encouraged someone. Feel free to reach out to me on

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  3. Kwadwo-Triumph says

    We thank God for His faithfulness and goodness at all times!!!


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