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Embracing the Ugly and the Beautiful

Hello friends,

I hope you’re all doing well. I’m still basking in the euphoria of being featured in Bellanaija, Africa’s premier lifestyle website magazine.  

Oh, oh, are you surprised? Please adjust your spectacles and take another look at me, haha 😀

In the feature, I wrote an open letter to someone I have admired for a long time. Her name is Glory Edozien. She was a features editor at bellanaija then she started the Inspired by Glory series, where she encourages people to pray and live purpose driven lives. She now runs another vlog called Discovery with Glory. I like the play on words there. Discovery with Glory, the woman. And discovery with Glory, The Lord. Inspired by Glory, the woman, and Inspired by the Glory of the Lord. 😀

I like Glory because she’s very comfortable in her skin. She’s honest and passionate about what she does, and she does it very well. She’s walking in her purpose, and she’s versatile. She has a PhD in some science related course, and she makes videos inspiring people as well. If I remember correctly, last year she hosted a financial workshop for women. I know, I know, she’s not perfect, but let’s applaud those who are facing the world and paving the way for younger women like us.

This song has been on my mind all day. I may have shared it before, but it’s fast become a favorite so click on it. 😀

Now on to today’s topic. On Sunday, I got very upset at something. As I’m trying to pray about my emotions and find God in every experience, I started to pray as I was mulling over what had upset me. I told God that I was upset that I was upset in the first place. Why were little things getting at me? Why was I not more patient? Had I not prayed about it? Was I not growing up in my spiritual walk? Oh well, it’s a struggle, but Jesus won 🙂

I felt better after my prayer rant, and I was able to get some work done. Thankfully. 

The next day, the Lord spoke to me through my devotional.

The devotional is called My Utmost for His highest by Oswald Chambers. 

Here’s a little bit of what I read. 

Compare this week in your spiritual history with the same week last year and see how God has called you up higher. We have all been brought to see from a higher standpoint. Never let God give you one point of truth which you do not instantly live up to. Always work it out, keep in the light of it.

Growth in grace is measured not by the fact that you have not gone back, but that you have an insight into where you are spiritually; you have heard God say “Come up higher,” not to you personally, but to the insight of your character.


The devotion made me want to see myself the way God sees me. I may not be the most patient, kind, or generous person, but the Lord has been breaking all those walls of pride that I have built. He sees a woman who loves Him passionate and wants to walk in His light. The goodness is that He loves me. He has loved me even before I was born, so it’s okay that I’m not perfect. He knows that too, and that’s why He reminds me that “we have been made holy through the sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.”

I’ve realized that a lot of bad attitude comes from insecurity. Sometimes, I get upset and overreact as an excuse for not confronting a more deep-rooted insecurity. Does this ever happen to you?


I resolve to be grateful to the Lord for how far He has brought me. He has been faithful in the most unusual ways, and I’m becoming the woman that He ordained me to be. I am a child of God and I cannot go wrong with Him by my side. 

Please be more patient with yourself this week. It’s okay if you’re not as kind as you want to be. I’m not excusing complacence, but admitting need is the first step to getting help. Some of us have very faulty foundations so The Lord needs to wreck us completely before He begins to rebuild us. It’s a painful but rewarding process. Be patient with yourself.

Have you ever been impatient with yourself? Have you tried to improve something in your life but kept failing? Please leave a comment so I don’t feel alone in this struggle. 

My bellanaija article is here, and Glory’s YouTube page is here. Check her out, she’s amazing!

Till next time, friends. Remember that the Lord has fought for you and won

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Hey, my name is Alheri and I'm obsessed with Jesus. This blog is me keeping my promise to Him for answering a prayer. Purple is my favorite color and my favorite scripture is Jeremiah 32:27 which says "Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?" (KJV) You can contact me at


  1. You are not alone. I sometimes find myself praying almost begging God to bring me to a place I think I need to be. Them something happens that reminds me that God knows when the time is right not me. Let God work in his time.


  2. Kwadwo-Triumph says

    Yhup! You’re not alone Alheri. I hit that plateau a lotta times in my walk with The Lord than I’d like to admit. I get impatient with myself – though becoming less now. I get frustrated with myself when I know I’m supposed to be better, act better or could’ve done more. But grace will aways lift us up, teach us and help us grow.
    God bless you for the truth you’ve shared. You’re an inspiration and a blessing too! Keep it up!


  3. Naasa says

    Got to read this when i really needed to hear such encouraging words….Thanks Alheri….. i always knew u were born to shine….keep it up….


  4. Chizzy says

    Hi dear
    I actually discovered your blog through the Bella Naija feature.

    Wonderful blog you have… I already subscribed to you.
    More grace

    Liked by 1 person

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