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Comfort Foods

I’m not huge on comfort foods, and I’ve never really had to eat comfort foods- have I always been comfortable or whaaaaa? Nah, I just cry and pray and sleep and talk to my friends for comfort.

But here are a few things I crave a lot:

1. Steak- actually just barbeque meat dripping with sauce and whatever else makes it taste great!

2. Ice cream- lots and lots of it!

3. Cake- Yeah, I have a bit of a sweet tooth!

Interestingly, when I was a serious fitfam adherent, my comfort food changed, and were largely replaced by fruits, I kid you not.

Also, I don’t think comfort food is a big deal where I come from. I don’t think we really eat for “comfort” per se– you simply eat because well, you need food to survive. Or you want to celebrate, or you eat food with family. But for comfort? nah, I only heard of that when I crossed over to the US of A.

Have a lovely day ahead guys! See you all tomorrow evening. Also, I recently watched two romantic movies- Endless Love and When Harry met Sally (or was it Sally who did the meeting?). I’m clearly in the mood for some love, and because I asked for a darn good love story to read to Facebook, and the suggestions ave ranged from Gone with the wind, to Love in the Time of Cholera. I will soon ask all the suggesters to buy me the books on Kindle. Let me see if the post will still get all the traffic. 

Okay friends, that’s it for today! Kachifo!

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Hey, my name is Alheri and I'm obsessed with Jesus. This blog is me keeping my promise to Him for answering a prayer. Purple is my favorite color and my favorite scripture is Jeremiah 32:27 which says "Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?" (KJV) You can contact me at

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