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It’s the little things you do…

For today, I’m supposed to share my top five pet peeves.

Once again, I am not sure what those are, but in no random order, here are some little things that get on my nerves.

  1. English Mistakes. I’ve recently seen one too many. I don’t know if being an English major has contributed to this, but I greatly dislike it when people don’t use proper english, especially after they’ve finished forming for me and using big grammar. I mentioned this to my summer roommate yesterday, and she retorted “that’s your privilege speaking”. She was right. Perhaps this irks me because I was privileged enough to have Mrs Smith and Mr Kolawole and Mr Eke teach me correct english, or whatever. But I also went to a school where you were laughed at if you made a grammatical mistake. I remember leaving the dining hall one day and I blurted “Ibukun did you lost weight?”. Time stood still and everyone turned to look at the public spectacle that I had become in that second. Luckily, I was in a good mood, so I had a pretty good laugh. I don’t know what can be done to remedy this problem but can we learn where the right apostrophes go? And where to use “their”, “there”; “I’m”, “am”; “student’s”, “students’”; and “will” and “would”; “it’s” and “its”. And if you don’t know, just ask. Really. Just ask.
  1. I don’t like it when people create accents. My friend told me about an alum from our high school who was forming accent for her, even after he found out they had in fact attended the same secondary school. Just stop it. That’s bad behavior. Please, if you came to America at 16/ 17/ 18, your accent was pretty much set in your mouth. I understand if you decide to soften your “t” say “bedder”, instead of “better”, or “wahder”, instead of “watah” when you’re talking with Americans, and you’re tired of repeating yourself. Lol. But please, if we both know we are Nigerian, and I suppose we are comfortable with each other, just kill that American accent and speak well.

No one says it better than Ngee and Chigurl.

That’s really all I can think about now, quite honestly. Is it that I’m patient that I don’t get pet-peeved or whaaaa? Nah, far from that. I must have just had a really good day/ week so far, so I can’t remember the rest.

In other news, I am really into Asa’s latest album “Bed of Stone”.

Here is one of my favorite songs from the album. It’s my second favorite song, (my faveee song is Moving On) but since it has a lovely video, I decided to give you some visual and auditory pleasure!


If you’re still itching, here is my fave song from Bed of Stone. Pay close attention to the lyrics of this song! That’s exactly me right now, even five months later (sorry if you don’t get it, but those who know, know).

Please share your pet peeves with me (or not). It’s okay if you want this to be a one way street, and you want me to keep talking at myself…

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