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What now?

Well, well, well! Friends, about my last post, ALA results are out!

However, I won’t indulge your curiosity because this blog isn’t about my brother, and his school applications 🙂

This blog is about this often confused young girl (or woman, whaaa?) throwing herself into the strong muscular arms of a God that’s bigger than the biggest, and wiser than the wisest.

This is me making sense of my thoughts, and hoping that as I share my journey, the Holy Spirit will inspire someone to lend me (or gain?) some wisdom. I write words I wish someone will speak to me in the different situations I face. So if you want to be creepy, you can call my number and read my blog posts aloud to me. I kid, I kid.

That said, please remember that if there are things you want me to write about/ questions you have about stuff, I’m definitely open to writing about those!

Anyway, here is today’s topic, which is a follow up from last time’s.

Picture this:

God has answered your prayer. You’ve screamed your head off, bounced around cloud 9, and are now back to the surreal reality that your once unattainable dream is yours to live!

The question is- What do you do next?

I’ll share a short personal story about one of my embarrassing failures. Sigh, I have one too many of them to share.

In my March update, I mentioned that I got a few new electronic items. I was beyond myself with excitement and I spent all my time gushing over the items. I’d sit for hours, downloading and using new apps, and figuring out the best photo effects, and then I’ll giggle loudly when I hit a jackpot!

I sure was excited, and I’m sure God was as well. But there was an unintended consequence- I began to lose focus on doing my quiet time with God. When it was time for devotion, I would play music, just because I had new music-playing apps, although I know that I focus better in silence. Sometimes, I would wear myself out just flipping back and forth and doing absolutely nothing productive. And then go to bed without doing my quiet time. 😦

I wish I could say that I’ve grown, or that I no longer let myself be distracted by electronics and gadgets. But alas, you know the drill!

In my scenario above, my blessing had clearly become a distraction. Rather than focus on The Giver, I was focusing on the gift.

On the other hand, consider this:

There’s this one thing you really really want- healing for a loved one, financial breakthrough, stronger relationship with God, academic success, you name it.

You pray, fast even. Yet, it seems like your prayers fall on deaf ears. Your loved one is still sick, you’re still broke, your GPA isn’t looking up, and you feel like you’re still at the same place in your walk with God.

This, dear friends, is my story a lot of the time. I pray for a friendship, a class, or for patience. But I find myself back at point zero.

Do tell, friends, how do you keep your eyes on Jesus? The good things distract us, the bad things frustrate us.

But before you go, I have some good news!

Tomorrow, I’ll write about one of my favorite characters in the bible!

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  1. Ekene Anonyai says

    I’m currently going through this struggle. I’m always going through this struggle. We just have to get our priorities straight with God at the top.


    • Don’t worry Ekene, you are definitely not alone, as you can tell from the post. But one thing we should remember is that God is “our ever present help in times of trouble”, and we can reach out to Him even when we don’t know how to pray!

      God bless you


  2. Kwadwo says

    You should know you’re not alone in this struggle. I remember when I recently had a new gadget too. The distraction was great but eventually I told myself I own that gadget, it doesn’t own me. I tell it what to do and not the other way round. So I ended up downloading Bible apps and making sure they were the first apps I see when I take the phone. (Now it will vary depending on either it’s an apple or Android device, but you can still do it on either of these platforms). And I also decided before I do anything on the gadget, I will read my Bible first. So placing the apps that would help me do that on the default home screen really helped. So going forward I think we could treat every good thing (which is from God) like I eventually treated mine. We own them. We tell them what to do. But they own us if they’re always telling us what to do. It’s not easy but it’s possible and it gets easier with time. One more thing I learnt not quite long ago is to see every good thing as a trust from God over which we must exercise good stewardship and use for His service and the benefit of his kingdom. That way we can exercise some level of authority over the good things we get from God so they don’t become distractions instead of blessings and instruments of service to God.

    Now concerning the prayer, I think the first two parables in Luke 18 will help since Jesus shared them to encourage us (or those present then) to always pray and not lose heart. Jesus taught persistent prayer all through His ministry. I think you should persist in prayer. Sometimes what I know is when we persist in prayer we get two things. 1. Answers to our prayers or 2. Peace and strength to accept God’s will concerning that issue. So keep praying sis. Daniel kept praying for 21 days. Esther went all out for three days. Jesus Himself in the garden prayed one prayer topic for one hour 3 successive times. He got strength to accept the father will afterwards. Esther and Daniel got answers. But eventually persistence in prayer with passion (the 2nd parable in Luke 18) really work. It’s not easy praying the same prayer point over and over again but that’s what Jesus teaches in Luke 18. You’ll either get answers or strength and peace to accept God’s will.

    I almost forgot about the keeping our eyes on Jesus part. When I see keeping my eyes on Jesus, the first (and maybe the only) story that comes to mind is Jesus and Peter walking on water. I believe keeping our eyes on Jesus has everything to do with faith. Finding what God says about that situation makes it easier. (I don’t mean holding on in faith is any East task). Peter looked at the storm and shifted his attention from the command Jesus gave him to “come” . So if we can find what God says in every situation and keep our attention and focus on that word no matter what, I believe we are in one way or the other keeping our eyes on Jesus.

    I Hope I was able to share something valuable?


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