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Testimony- The rain does not stop falling just because the calabash is full!

My march update is finally here.

It’s pathetic that I’m posting this so late into the new month, perhaps my April update should be called Struggle since I struggle so much with discipline and timeliness. I need God because I promise I’ve tried everything- I’ve got to the end of me, but clearly, there’s nothing I can do. (well, naturally)

Anyway, today is a happy day because of the things that the Lord has done.

If you remember, when I first started blogging I said it was because when I was asking God to gift me with a new laptop, I promised Him that I would use it to His glory.

Well, last month, the Lord gave me the laptop of my dreams. He made the finances available not just for me to purchase a brand new laptop for myself, He also blessed me so much that together with a friend of mine, I was able to bless another friend with a brand new laptop of her own.

In addition to the two laptops, God also blessed me with a new tablet I never imagined owning because it was just way beyond my dreaming scope. I say these things because I am beginning to understand that “the rain does not stop falling just because the calabash is full”.

When I asked God for a laptop three years ago, I never knew that He indeed listened to my promise and once I began the process of fulfilling my own part of the covenant, He blessed me with something yet bigger.

I have learnt two lessons from this testimony

1. When God blesses you, He goes above and beyond your expectations.     For many, the latest laptop is a given- you go to school, and your every need is met. Well, it hasn’t always been the same for me. And I know this because I am blessed with parents who are always very honest about the family’s financial situation at every given point in time. I generally know how much money there is, what projects they parents are undertaking, and how much they are sacrificing at that point in time for my siblings and I to get such fantastic education. Hence, I am positive that my laptop came because God has decreed that it will come. Really, it’s not like there was money was lying around. Jesus decreed that He will do something for me, and He did it.

2. When you make a promise to God, please keep it. The same way you take God seriously and hold Him accountable for His words, He holds you with the same seriousness. Because He loves you. When you love someone, you respect them and you respect their opinion, although it may not always be the best. While God is not bound by our desires, He definitely takes the words of our mouth seriously. He is moved when we make a sacrifice to Him. Solomon made an unprecedented sacrifice, and the God of heaven came down in all His array and promised Solomon that He will be the wisest person to ever walk to earth. Similarly, God is moved when we fulfill our promises to Him. That’s why He is so heartbroken when we sin. Sin is a breach of a contract. When we sin against God, we break our promises to Him. Hence, we must do unto the Lord as we say we will do.

Fulfill your promises to God- if you tell Him you’ll serve in a department in your church, or you’ve promised to help someone in need, it’s simply in your best interest to fulfill your promise. Start today and watch the Lord do wonders in your life.

This is not the only testimony I received in March- every single week of the month, there was a new testimony. I’m only sharing this one because it is directly related to this blog.

One final point. Ever since I got my laptop, I’ve been asking the Lord what He wants me to do next. I am beyond excited to share that the Holy Spirit has revealed to me why He has graced me with a new laptop and tablet. My summer will be very busy by the Grace of God. And as always, I’ll keep you posted.

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